Earth Throne | Comfortable, easy to clean, portable toilet seat riser.

Best Comfortable Toilet Seat Riser

Earth Throne

The perfect, easy to clean, toilet seat riser

Problems with mobility in the bathroom? Earth Throne is the solution.

This innovative toilet seat riser is a long-overdue toileting product for the disabled, elderly, and those recovering from hip and knee surgery.

Earth Throne Brand Comparison

No other riser on the market compares with Earth Throne.

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What others have said after trying Earth Throne...

Works Perfectly!
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I love the nice balance of soft cushion with solid surface that can be easily cleaned and disinfected when needed. It works perfectly, it stays put when sat upon and can be easily removed. It also allows easy access for hygiene front and back. Just high enough to help with sore knees and hips, but not so high that it is difficult to use. In short, well-designed and made!
Safe and Comfortable
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My Earth Throne is incredibly secure and stable, which I cannot say for other toilet seat risers I have used in the past. It is also the most comfortable riser I have had.
Perfect Design!!
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The design is just perfect, it even fits on my elongated toilet seat. AND it is much more comfortable than a regular toilet seat!
So Happy!
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Earth Throne is the first and only toilet seat riser I have found that is comfortable, stable, easy to use, easy to clean, and portable.

Earth Throne

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Best Comfortable Toilet Seat Riser

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